Evan's Priorities

Economy & Jobs

Restart Rhode Island

Evan supports efforts to restart Rhode Island’s economy through our small businesses that serve as the backbone of Rhode Island’s economy. Much of our state relief efforts came too late. Evan supports providing grants and tax-incentives for struggling small businesses to prevent permanent closures. He supports waiving late tax penalties and interest from affected businesses. He believes sales tax collected by small businesses should be eligible to be a short-term loan eligible to be repaid interest-free in one year from the original due date.

Lifting the Middle Class

Evan believes that the economy does well when workers are treated fairly with fair compensation and benefits. It isn’t fair when Americans need to work two or three jobs, or have their children work, when able, just to make ends meet. As the son of a firefighter, he knows that unions build a stronger middle class. Evan supports efforts to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour to be implemented gradually as was adopted in both neighboring Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Progressive Taxation for All

Evan supports progressive taxation that doesn’t discourage residency or push retirees to other states. As our population declines, we can’t afford to lose more taxpayers and small businesses to bad tax policies. While proposals to increase income taxes on the wealthy are well-intended and better served at a federal level, if done at a state level, it is far easier for individuals to move over the border. Our existing top income tax rate in Rhode Island is nearly 20% higher than neighboring Massachusetts.

Evan supports tax reform that encourages entrepreneurship and long-term quality jobs rather than one-off tax incentives and subsidies (corporate welfare) which offer no extended benefit to Rhode Island.

Environmental Leadership

Rhode Island brings in nearly 25 million travelers and tourists per year, which supports countless small businesses including shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, and recreational activities. We must preserve our natural environment which attracts these visitors. To combat climate change, Evan supports moving Rhode Island away from dependence on fossil fuels and to 100% renewable energy. As a millennial, Evan wants to make sure Rhode Island’s natural beauty can be maintained for future generations.


Evan supports the legalization of marijuana. For too long, marijuana has been used as justification for most drug arrests across the country. Science shows marijuana is safer than both alcohol and tobacco which are both legal and regulated. Rhode Island has the potential to raise significant tax revenue which is currently being spent at dispensaries built on our neighboring state borders. He believes that most of the concerns raised by critics can be addressed through consumer education and industry regulation.

Education & Schools

Stronger and Practical

Evan supports a strong public education that provides students with opportunities for success. Our education system should support learning practical life skills and career skills that allow students to support themselves upon graduation.

Career Readiness

Evan is the product of a career and technical student organization (CTSO), and strongly supports the expansion of career and technical education in Rhode Island. Many of these organizations provide invaluable skills and opportunities that cannot be provided in the classroom. Many programs also provide students with a sense of direction upon graduating high school that can push them into meaningful jobs and careers.

Fair Chance to Succeed

We deserve an education system that provides students a fair chance to succeed and supports the skilled labor needed for the future regardless of their family’s income or zip code. Evan knows that we’re going to need to re-evaluate how Rhode Island funds our school systems so all students have an equal opportunity to a high quality public education.

Return to the Classroom

As an adjunct professor who has taught in the classroom and online, Evan knows the struggles both our teachers and students face, but health must be the highest priority consideration. Evan believes that science must guide our decision to return to in-classroom learning. While online learning is not ideal for all learners, once we are able to return to the classroom, Evan supports students and families being able to choose their learning path of in-classroom or online learning with a limited period of time to switch if it is not a suitable fit.

Ethical Government


Evan believes in a government that operates fairly, transparently, and is held accountable to its people. We will never make progress when it appears many of the biggest decisions are made behind closed doors.

Modernization and Accessibility

To achieve this, we need to modernize our open meeting laws to consider electronic meetings, such as teleconferencing and online collaboration. Transparency also means we make public information more easily accessible. During this pandemic, Evan believes that the Rhode Island General Assembly failed the people of Rhode Island by not adapting to electronic meetings to conduct business when every city and town and numerous other states found ways to make it possible.

Removing Money From Politics

We deserve a government that operates free from the influence of special interest groups. To achieve this, we need to eliminate money being used to manipulate our political leaders. To minimize the appearance of special interest group influence, Evan refuses to accept all PAC money and state lobbyist financial contributions.

Eliminating Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Evan believes the quid-pro-quo corruption and backroom deals limit Rhode Island’s potential and he supports continued efforts to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse throughout state government.

Fair Political Representation

Evan believes that government should have political representatives we choose, not political representation that chooses their constituency. With the 2020 census taking place, we will be adopting new electoral maps that will affect our elections for the next decade. We need to ensure that we adopt fair electoral maps that aren’t gerrymandered by the General Assembly. Electoral maps should be decided by an independent body that cannot consist of lobbyists or elected officials.

Equality: Civil, LGBTQIA+ & Women's Rights

Protecting Equality

Evan knows equality in Rhode Island is important and he is committed to protecting the civil rights of all Rhode Islanders, including women, persons with disabilities, the LGBTQIA+ community, and immigrants. Evan will continue to champion these issues and others which are under a constant threat of being chipped away. Our state must continue to actively fight bigotry, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination. No Rhode Islander should feel like a second-class citizen. Every human should be treated with dignity and respect.

Protecting Women’s Rights

Evan supports women’s reproductive rights. All individuals should have the right to make decisions about their bodies without the interference of the government. Evan will continue to fight to protect these rights from those who will attempt to weaken existing laws.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Evan supports efforts to solve the pay disparity affecting countless women, women of color, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Individuals having comparable skills, efforts, and responsibilities should be compensated based on these criteria alone.


Evan supports LGBTQIA+ rights, which is a personal matter to him. He believes LGBTQIA+ youth deserve a safe school that is free of bullying, discrimination, and harassment. He supports expanding health services aimed at supporting the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community, and addressing the disproportionate homeless youth which affects long-term stability.

Racial and Social Justice

Evan knows that for too long, many have ignored our low-income communities and minority communities. Evan supports expanding affordable housing which requires both the state and our cities re-evaluating zoning laws. Evan also understands many residents are concerned about community safety and our over dependence on policing to deal with issues the General Assembly and Congress have ignored. Evan supports meaningful reforms that prioritize investments in our community and he is continuing to listen to his neighbors and the community on how that can be best achieved.