Who is Evan Lemoine?

A Rhode Island native, certified public accountant, and community leader, Evan wants to build a Rhode Island that works for everybody. We need an economy that can attract new business opportunities, and an open and transparent government that puts people first, not special interest groups. We need long-term solutions that can help everyone.

Will you join him to bring hope and integrity to Rhode Island?

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Evan's Priorities

Evan will advocate for policies that will benefit all Rhode Islanders.

Economy & Jobs

No Rhode Islander should need to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. No small business should need to jump through endless red tape to operate.

Education & Schools

Every student should have a fair chance to succeed without regard to income or zip code.

Ethical Government

We need a government that represents you, the people, and not special interest groups.

Equality for All

Every human should be treated with dignity and respect.